Today, I Learned “Buffeting” is a Thing

Pending a possible long-distance ride, I attached my windshield to my bike. I wanted to test it out ’cause at highway speeds, I feel like I’m being pulled off  the bike from the wind and I’ve read windshields make a world of difference. Well,… they do! When I bought my Virago 250, the first thing I did was rip the freakin’ windshield off! The thing was dorky! Removing it increased coolness factor by 93%! That said, I never experienced riding WITH The windshield on and just assumed anyone riding fast are at odds with the wind to hold on or be blown off.

So, tonight, I got curious and put my windshield on and went for a ride! WHOA! It does make a difference! A HUGE difference! I no longer feel like I’m holding on with a death grip! In fact, sitting was quite comfortable… except for one thing: Mt head was shaking! o_O

What the hell?? I could duck down below the windshield or sit up extra tall to keep my head from shaking, but right in the most natural position, some kind of TURBULENCE was shaking my head!

It turns out, this turbulence has a name… BUFFETING! By the time my 3-minute stretch on the freeway was done, I was dizzy… as if I was getting a headache. Apparently, this is common. I googled information about windshield installations and it turns out, buffeting is a problem worthy of many a forum topic.

I read the suggestions and adjusted my windshield and did two test rides. I’m still feeling the buffeting, either way. =/ I think one position (windshield angle matching the fork angle) worked best, but the bars that attach to the bike get in the way of the clutch cable, making my already heavy clutch even more difficult to squeeze.

So, for now, I know what “buffeting” is and am gonna keep experimenting with windshield positions until I find a good one.

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