Contour HD Helmetcam is MINE!!!

After months of eyeing GoPros and Contours, I found a cheap Contour HD on Craigslist. I’ve been trying out different configurations and such and I’ve yet to find that “sweet spot” of resolution, exposure settings and mic sensitivity. My initial tests indicate that the mic sucks!

Yes, this is quite unfortunate because I wanna hear the roar of my engine. Instead, the sound of the wind my mic catches reduces the roar of my mighty 250 down to a faint “buzz.” =/Also, unlike the GoPro, it has no 3.5mm microphone input jack for when I just want to narrate my ride… =/ Time to look into modding my Contour HD!

As a consolation,… the video quality is quite good. Currently making a bunch of test videos…

Ride Number 4 – Santa Cruz to Boulder Creek to Davenport

I went on my fourth ride with my girlfriend over the weekend. The rides keep gettin’ better! This was my first time planning the route and it looked something like this…

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Pretty cool, eh?? We met at a friend’s place and headed up Soquel San Jose Road and over to Boulder Creek via Summit Road and Bear Creek Road. I’ve only driven Bear Creek Road, but riding it was much more fun!

We stopped at the Redwood Keg for some tri-tip sandwiches! YUMMMY!! ^_^

The original Route was to ride up Big Basin Highway and through Jamison Creek Road to Empire Grade, but we modified it so the bigger bikes would have an easier time. So we headed down Highway 9, cut across to Felton Empire Road, up Empire Grade and took Pine Flat Road / Bonny Doon Road all the way to Davenport where we stopped at Whale City Bakery on Highway 1 for some coffee. ^_^

I wish I had more photos… Man, I really need a helmetcam!!