Selling a Pair of Warm, Winter Riding Gloves

I bought these nice Olympia winter gloves at Santa Clara Cycle Accessories… in the middle of summer… ’cause they were on über sale. I actually sorta needed them to ride over Highway 17 at night, because it does get cold in California, even during the summer.

Problem is, they’re too big, as you can see in the photos below… =/ They were out of mediums and in the heat of summer, they weren’t planning on getting them… Just trying to get rid of what they already have.

I’ve only worn them a few times, so I consider them pretty freakin’ new. They’re great gloves. In fact, I already got myself a pair of mediums.

Make me an offer! They could be yours today! If you live within a 15-mile radius, I’ll personally deliver them to you!