Two CX500s are MINE!! (almost)

Not an interesting post, but I’m compelled to let you all know that the two CX500s I paid for last week are almost officially MINE! Why almost?? I was able to get the title and register the ’80, but the ’81 was out of the system, and, therefore, needs to be brought in for the official transfer and registration.

BUT, non-op registration on BOTH bikes are paid for!

The gentleman that sold me the pair came with me to the DMV this morning in case there were any problems getting everything into my name. What a guy! He’s even going to let me borrow his trailer to get the bikes to my place. :) That’ll happen sometime in the next couple of weeks.

THEN, I gotta get the ’81 running so I can ride it over to the DMV and get it registered! Can’t wait!!

Bought TWO CX500s Today!

I’M NOW THE PROUD OWNER OF TWO (non-operational) HONDA CX500 DELUXES! Actually, one is for my girlfriend, but they’re both paid for!

Ok, the transaction wasn’t entirely problem-free and they’re still not “technically” mine, though the guy has my money… He only had one of the pink slips, but he’s cool enough to come to the DMV with me to get that squared away.

UPDATE: The guy found the other pinkslip!

My good friend, Graham, found a guy selling a bunch of CXs and bought a parts bike from him to pimp out into a sweet cafe racer. BTW, to see his cafe racer as it’s being built, check out Graham’s blog at

I visited the guy and he had TWO (more or less) COMPLETE CXs! They’re not running and need work, but they looked good overall. One is a 1980, the other, a 1981. The ONLY reason I’m able to get both of them is because they guy needs to get rid of them ’cause his house is going up for sale. He was selling them for $400 each, but cut me a deal: $700 for both! (He’s also no longer able to ride, as he was in a horrible accident… :( I’ll save this story for another time…)

Anyway, all other motorcycles I considered were around $2000! So, for about a third of the price of ONE, I get TWO! Albeit, non-operational… BUT, I get to LEARN how to work on them, and that’s PRICELESS!!

Here’s video I got while checking them out:

Now, I know next to nothing about the mechanics of motorcycles… =/ It wasn’t until another friend, Edric, said he could help me with working on it, that I realized, “this could actually work!” Apparently, Honda CXs are easy and fun to work on… So my girlfriend and I are both STOKED to start working on these!