Two CX500s are MINE!! (almost)

Not an interesting post, but I’m compelled to let you all know that the two CX500s I paid for last week are almost officially MINE! Why almost?? I was able to get the title and register the ’80, but the ’81 was out of the system, and, therefore, needs to be brought in for the official transfer and registration.

BUT, non-op registration on BOTH bikes are paid for!

The gentleman that sold me the pair came with me to the DMV this morning in case there were any problems getting everything into my name. What a guy! He’s even going to let me borrow his trailer to get the bikes to my place. :) That’ll happen sometime in the next couple of weeks.

THEN, I gotta get the ’81 running so I can ride it over to the DMV and get it registered! Can’t wait!!

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