Slow Going on the CX500 Fix-Ups

We’ve had our CX500s for about two months now, but getting them operational has been more than a challenge. Mostly because we’re,… well… we’re clueless. OK, so we do have repair manuals, but we lack the experience in what is what and how things are supposed to come apart, go together, feel, smell, taste, etc…

But I will say this… Our bikes are getting REALLY shiny!

(Ok, not as shiny as my buddy, Graham’s, but he’s got the proper tools and know-how.)

That’s right, one thing we can do is wipe dust off them bikes! As we wait for the day our motorcycle-wise friends can help us figure out what we really need to do to get our bikes up and running, we continue to spit-shine our CX500s!

I don’t have many “before” pictures, but here are some “after” ones:

Here’s what my ’81 CX500 looks like now… IMG_5206

And from another angle. Look at that tank SHINE! IMG_5215

Here’s Bethany’s ’80…

Bethany getting crud off the wheel… IMG_5208

Me on my bike… It’s a LOT bigger than my current ride, WAY heavier! IMG_5218

Speakin’ of my current ride, here’s my Yamaha Virago 250, sittin’ in the corner… all sad, knowing it’s about to be replaced.

Don’t worry, Virago. I won’t let you go… I have other plans for you! Muahahahaaaa!! =P