CB-1 Is Fixed!!

At least, so far, it seems like it!

BTW, I’m getting ahead of myself with so many posts I need to back-track on, but I was so excited about this that I had to write about it!

I finally got my CB-1 back from the shop today and it rode extremely well! No more stalling, no more acceleration problems! A good carb rebuild was all it took! There’s still a slight leak in the #4 piston, but it doesn’t seem to affect its performance.

I got overzealous, though, when I picked it up and, for some reason, on a straightaway, I went from 1st to neutral and revved really high. I then tried to get it into 2nd and ground the gears really bad TWICE! >.<

Here’s a video clip of that… =/

Anyhow, I rode it up Page Mill Road later in the evening and it did not stall once! I noted all the places I had problems before and it performed well through all of them!


Unfortunately, the fuel filter I bought did not fit and the technician did not take the stripped bolt out. I got both the filter and the bolt back and will need to get a new filter and find a way to get the stripped bolt out.

OH! And another really good thing… I’m getting 50 miles per gallon!! :D